Chelsea & Jason

are getting married!

Friday, October 5th - Sunday, October 7th, 2018
Foxtail Community Farm, Greenville, New York

Event Details

We’ll be getting married in the woods, in an informal and probably not-entirely-traditional style. Afterward there will be festivities on the grounds with serve-yourself drinks and bbq, lawn games, dancing, and so much merriment. As the hour gets later we'll have a sizable bonfire, complete with s’mores and toasty bottoms.


About the Location

Foxtail Community Farm
506 County Route 75
Greenville NY 12083

About the Location

Foxtail Community Farm is an active farm! It’s family owned and operated, with a commitment to sustainability — you’ll even see some of their delicious food on our wedding menu. The campground is off the grid on five acres of beautiful, secluded land. We have the entire place to ourselves! The fantastic owners have been so welcoming to us and are working tirelessly to make our stay wonderful and woodsy.

Getting There

  1. Parking: There is parking in the main driveway (look for signs), where you’ll be able to park and stage your bags to carry in.
  2. Getting in: It’s a 5-minute walk down a beautiful dirt road. There will be hand-pulled wagons available to tote your gear down to the site. Let us know if any of this will be tough for you and we will be there to help!
  3. Finding your tent / campsite: Upon arrival, you’ll get a map with your assigned location marked on it.

Wedding Information

Important note: this is real camping. It’s a walk-in site, with no electricity or running water. It's in-tents. There are, however, porta-potties and potable water on site. You'll probably get dirty, but we strongly encourage it.

Wedding timeline

"Woods Fancy". That means "cocktail" attire that you feel great in, but also don't mind getting a little mud on. We'll be on grass, so heels aren't recommended, and everything is outside (it's October, it might be chilly). But really, just feel pretty and be comfortable! 

Children and Pets
Please leave young children & pups with their excited-to-babysit in-laws. Our two dogs will be in attendance; feel free to pack belly rubs.

Camping Information

What to Bring

  • - Sleeping gear (sleeping pad/air mattress, sleeping bag/blanket, pillow)
  • - Camp chair
  • - Toiletries
  • - Water bottle
  • - Flashlight
  • - Some cold-weather clothing (it might get cold at night!)

What is Provided

  • - All food and drink for the weekend
  • - Lanterns & little flashlights
  • - Electronic charging stations
  • - Hammocks
  • - All things citronella
  • - Tent (Let us know if you don't have your own, and we can provide one!)


All we ask for is your love and support on our special day. Camping with us is gift enough. If you do wish to celebrate with a gift, we'd love contributions to our honeymoon fund, and we're also registered at Amazon. Alternatively, feel free to surprise us in your own special way!


Let us know if you can make it!